In the present competitive environment, technologies and innovation management represent the key assets, not only for the companies, but also for Universities, Public and Private Research Centers, Public Administration, and International Agencies.

The traditional engineering education, which is based on strong analytics skills and the adoption of a systematic analysis of problems, is a strength to improve the knowledge regarding the technologies and the management of complex systems. On the other hand, it is not enough in order to deal with the complex problems due to the interaction among economic, social and technical issues, which are typical of large innovation projects.

For the mentioned reasons, the PhD Program is aimed at preparing young researchers to bridge the gap among technology, business and society and to develop scientific tools and methodologies:

  • to manage research and innovation projects in an international environment
  • to support all the activities related to the design and management of the different phases of the product and production systems life-cycle in the framework of the digital factory (Industry 4.0)
  • to support the ideation of sustainable processes and infrastructures, for both production and services.

Therefore, the PhD program is meant to train high profile researchers able to face challenges in the industrial and scientific environment, providing them with:

  1. skills in communication and management of the scientific activities
  2. a network of international collaborations
  3. expertise and knowledge concerning the cited topics
  4. an "on site" experience in industry in order to be able to deal with the issues related to technologies and their management, even in a digital factory context.

Due to a structured program, comprising a period of study abroad, PhD students will acquire deep competences and knowledge regarding frontier research topics; furthermore, they will be able to understand the improvement of the technologies, their management and use, and the knowledge related, being able to provide an active contribution in such development at an international level.

Thanks to a collaboration network provided by the research groups involved in the program, PhD students will get in contact with research centers (both private and public), and high profile international companies, promoting the mix of knowledge, and the connection between different cultural environments, and the creation of a network of young researches at an international level.
Expected employment and professional opportunities
They can play key roles in both Italy and abroad at:

  1. Universities (public and private);
  2. Research centers in public and private institutions;
  3. Managerial roles in private, public and service companies that require more and more professionals with multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural skills;
  4. International agencies working in the field of policies to support innovation and scientific research.

Finally, the PhD will make possible to strengthen the presence of young high-profile researchers in Italy and in Europe, thus answering to the need to train new figures to face and promote new research fields in a global context.